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2 - Assess the building's biodiversity potential according to its technical characteristics

Principle: The hosting potential of a building is a means of evaluating whether the characteristics of an existing building and its plot maximize or reduce the hosting capacity for biodiversity, as well as the room for maneuver to improve it.  

Objective: This involves measuring the performance of a building in terms of its potential for hosting biodiversity, in order to encourage the implementation of actions.      

Method: Users of the BIG tool will have to complete a questionnaire on the following characteristics: the building and the structure, the outdoor spaces, the practices and management. The score obtained in the questionnaire will define the reception potential of the site.

Tutoriel de remplissage des données bâtiments

Afin d’aider à compléter les caractéristiques techniques des bâtiments, l’OID a créé un “tutoriel de remplissage”, disponible ici, qui détaille l’ensemble des caractéristiques techniques pouvant être remplies pour chacun des bâtiments sur R4RE. Accompagnant ce détail, des explications sur chacun des critères sont disponibles, ainsi que des exemples (en photos, en figures, …) et des conseils de remplissage.

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