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News - October 2022

The platform now hosts indicators present on the old version of Bat-ADAPT, which will soon be deactivated.

"Flooding" hazard

Mapping of the risks of groundwater rising, the distribution of municipalities covered by a PPRi, the number of CatNat decrees for floods per municipality, the hazard level zoning for PPRs, the flood probability level zoning for Areas at Risk of Flooding.

"Coastal dynamics" hazard

Mapping of the evolution of the coastline in mainland France, of the water heights corresponding to a hundred-year sea level.

“Droughts” hazard

Mapping of the risks of Shrinkage and Swelling of Clays (RGA).

Coming soon - November 2022

From November 2022, the Extreme Cold hazard will be integrated into R4RE for France and Europe, as well as an update of climate data concerning floods for France and Europe.

The biodiversity risk analysis tool, BIODI-Bat, will also be launched.

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